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Stanford Dosimetry has been designing dose calculation algorithms to satisfy NVLAP, DOELAP and site specific requirements since 1988.

Why Stanford Dosimetry?

Experience - Since 1988, Stanford Dosimetry has designed algorithms for NVLAP and DOELAP accredited facilities in the USA as well as European applications. Algorithms for several different Panasonic TLD models; algorithms for OSL dosimeters; and algorithms for the four element Harshaw (Thermo Electron) badge.

Performance - The goal of our algorithms is to meet your requirements. Successful performance testing to the applicable standard is a given. But our algorithms are designed to also meet your specific radiological conditions. Betas with low energy photons, different neutron energies, mixtures of betas, even x-rays and neutrons. You specify the performance requirements, we will make it happen.

Value - Using experience gained over the past two decades, the development time for a successful product is much less than a "start from scratch" approach. Documentation can be tailored for the specific requirements: abbreviated or verbose. We even offer a generic algorithm for the popular Panasonic UD-802 dosimeter.

PC algorithm application - Each algorithm purchased from Stanford Dosimetry includes a stand-alone PC application to allow desktop calculation of individual or batch dose results. Reporting options allow detailed analysis of calculated doses. And now you can get your algorithm installed into the PC Algorithm Application.

Documentation- Our documentation is second to none. With response testing results, full details of all function and correction factor derivations, synthetic testing results, flow chart and algorithm code. Full page plots of all functions and testing results, accessible through the PC algorithm, you have everything you need right on your desktop.

Support - We offer several levels of support for our dose algorithms. From assistance with analyzing performance testing to anomalous data investigations and full revisions.

Click here for free downloadable demo algorithms for the Panasonic TLD family.

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