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Our cost effective whole body beta/gamma badges (x-ray badges or "film badges") are suitable for most applications - from diagnostic x-rays and fluoro-assisted interventional procedures to industrial XRF and soil engineering(neutron dosimetry available). We also offer finger ring dosimeters.

Why pick Stanford Dosimetry?

We started our badge service to offer a low cost option with unmatched customer service. The complaints that we hear most about the competition are 1) price (hidden fees, automatic price increases) and 2) customer service (can't resolve a problem without several phone calls.)
At Stanford Dosimetry, when you call or email, we respond. You can talk with a knowledgeable staff member immediately and if necessary, can talk with a certified Health Physicist. We communicate everything: full confirmation of charges; we warn you before renewing your account; we remind you to return badges to avoid any late fees; we work with you to get the badges to the right place on time to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide reliable and trouble free dosimetry at a reasonable price.

Value The low prices we offer, $69/year or less, are all-inclusive and always backed by our unconditional guarantee. If you happen to find another service claiming "lowest price available", don't believe it before checking the details.

- Fast response phone support - Control badge included
- No set-up fees
- Satisfaction guarantee
- Flexible issue period start date - On-line access to reports included

Quality We use TLD (thermo luminescent dosimetry), not film. TLD took over from film as the quality dosimetry material of choice in the 1980's. Our dosimeters use four independent detectors, each under different filtration. TLD is far less sensitive to environmental conditions (heat and humidity). Each dosimeter is completely protected from moisture, dust and other potential damaging environmental factors with a heat-sealed clear plastic enclosure (see image). The computer controlled processing ensures the highest level of quality. Accredited by the National Institute of Standard and Technology's NVLAP accreditation program (NVLAP Lab Code: 100512-0)

Support When you contact Stanford Dosimetry, you will be dealing with a knowledgeable, well-educated representative. Most questions can be answered immediately. Our well-trained staff can advise you on what to order and how to use the badges most effectively. When you receive the reports, we are available to help you interpret the numbers. If you have technical concerns, you will be directed to our certified Health Physicist, who has supported this industry since 1988. We know what's behind the numbers and can address any technical concerns you might have, immediately.

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